Like Birdwatching?
Like Cannabis?
Like Birdwatching & cannabis?

Birdz & Budz

two times offered

Wake, Bake & Bird


Sunset Sessioning

A quick greeting to all, coffee/tea for morning folk, canna-lemonade for the evening, a taste of our organically grown cannabis, then let’s look at the creatures. We will do a short guided tour, with sampling sessions at designated spaces. We will settle into the Hummingbird Patios for a taste of our solvent-less rosin on a nice new daab e-rig!

Guests MUST  be at least 21 years old!

new dates soon!
book your own private time!

6:30 AM – 8:30 AM

5:00 PM – Sunset

LIMIT EIGHT ADULT PARTICIPANTS 21+. Please complete the form below and put Birdz & Budz in the subject line.

We will contact you with info on availability and directions for the guided tour

Donation – $50

*True* smoking on grounds dependent on monsoon conditions, smoking allowed on patios. Guests welcomed to bring their own preferred consumption device.

try the newest e-rig

the daab

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Talk to C.J.

We are currently choosing future dates. We welcome private groups and special-event parties!




5494 E Edwin Rd, Tucson AZ, 85739

Please Support Wildlife

Our location supports wildlife through extensive habitat restoration, providing nesting and shelter sites for all of the creatures. We have an abundance of feeding stations, with over EIGHTY hummingbird, suet, thistle, black oil sunflower and mixed seed feeders in different zones. Please help us! Your tax deductible donation will help us fill and replace feeders.