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Cannabis Activities

Cannabis enhances life

Relax in nature WITH nature.

Join me!

Whether  a “how-to”  cook, extract, grow, a tour, birding, or just casually watching the creatures, I am happy to share knowledge, company and our cannabis in our private, nature-filled setting.

Sample our organically grown
cannabis/solvent-free rosin!

Birdz & Budz

“Wake, Bake & Bird” & “Sunset Session” info HERE

Our guided bird-watching and cannabis sharing tours have been scheduled for

August 14 & 28, 2022
6:30 AM – 8:30 AM

5:00 PM – Sunset

CLICK HERE to enroll

Our Vaping-Consumption Choices

Flower & Concentrate Devices

Dab Your way to a "higher ground" …
TRY THE NEWEST coil-free, inductive E-RIG

the daab

(link to their site)

taste our solvent-free, house-pressed rosin

PAX 2 & 3

‘Sip a flavor’, testing of one of our organic cultivars using a PAX 2 Vaporizer


we have both available *BUT* actual smoking of cannabis is only permitted on the patios, due to house and fire restrictions.

Lookah Seahorse Pro

One of our favorites!

Thanks to  The Cannabis Cactus Magazine for featuring us in their July 2021 issue.

So excited to share an excellent article by author Heidi Keyes!


Link to article CLICK HERE



Cooking w/Cannabis!

Sugar, honey, oil infusion, basic gummie recipes

Growing 101 - Indoors & Out

Get a basic tour and a “start sheet” on how to do your own in the Arizona environment.

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