Come share the mountains

Fun Social rides in the hills


From our family, to you…

Wild Outdoor World of Arizona, an educational non-profit corporation. WOW ARIZONA! is committed to sharing environmental information that can be utilized in urban and rural applications. Join us…restore life to areas once devoid of nature. Create your own ‘native patch’ and have nature sew those patches together, create an environmental quilt. It doesn’t need to be huge nature just needs a lot of patches to make it work!

We are MaryEllen and C.J. (Christopher). Nature immersion starts here! Access hiking, mountain biking and birding trails, FROM OUR DOOR. Don’t pack the car or load the bike for a long drive to the trail, begin your excursion from our home.

We would love to share the Wild Outdoor World of Arizona with you!



Special Ed Teacher, Real Estate Agent

Having immediate access to nature is one of the ways MaryEllen resets from her multi-task world. She loves a good hike as well as simple ‘smell the flowers’ paced mountain bike rides. A teacher of ‘at-risk’ children in Tucson, it is a great passion that comes with challenges as well as rewards. Her ‘no-push’ approach to real estate and comfortable nature has earned very high praise. The birds love the suet that she makes for them. You MUST try her homemade granola, artisan wine and homemade yogurt.



Nonprofit Director, Naturalist, Medicinal Cannabis Expert

Sharing the outdoors with guests is one of the highlights of C.J.’s day. Enamored with the wildlife of the southwest since his first encounter, his fascination has not waned in almost three decades. Conversations are often halted for, “listen, what’s that”? While the pace of his rides has slowed considerably over the years, as he often states, “I’m slow, but, I’ll go…” An expert in medicinal cannabis, he has given multiple lectures at doctor’s offices and physical therapy locations in the Tucson area.